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Rudy's Products is a United States company located in the heart of the South Eastern region. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the US. Our team searches world-wide for the best materials to give our customers the most reliable manufactured solutions possible. We pride ourselves in developing products that solve problems and enhance the motorcycling experiences of our customers and fellow riders.

We never compromise cost for quality. If we can't afford to make something to our satisfaction, we won't make it. It's just that simple.

We have relationships with manufacturers all over the world to ensure our selection and quality is, and stays the best. Our company is backed by a wide mix of talent that includes all facets of engineering, manufacturing, quality control, marketing and technical support. Our objectives are to make products that represent us to our motorcycling brotherhood, well into the future. To ensure that, we manufacture, inspect and test every item as if it were for ourselves. We back up everything we make with a 2 year warranty that is considered rare in our industry.

Our customers will attest to the quality and support we provide.

Our product line and related sales figures are expanding every year. We use multiple web and retailer based marketing approaches for our products, including direct sales from our Web Store page.

We currently specialize in the following areas:

  • Keeper Products
  • Reinforcement and Repair Products

Please contact us with any questions about our products, dealer requests, suggestions or project ideas you may have.

Keeper Kits

Keeper products are designed to prevent loss of motorcycle side panels, saddle box lids and doors.

Reinforcement and Repair Kits

Reinforcement and repair products prevent or stop cracking in motorcycle plastics from very small to large applications.

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