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About Rudy's Products

We used to be a group of engineers, designers, assemblers, buyers, consultants and riders who enjoyed making products that helped people who ride motorcycles. That was back when the world had places for working people who specialized in specific skill areas. Back when there were jobs and the world was an optimistic and eager place.

Lately we have seen the ecomomies of the world collapse at the hands of our fine leaders and witnessed the general downsizing and offshoreing of jobs and products that used to be our economic foundation. We too, have had to make adjustments for these events, as we all have. Our respose to this has been to re-think the way we do things. It has never been about following the crowd to offshore labor camps and never will be. We now represent the new manufacturing base of the little guy, if there is to be one at all. We keep all costs lean while adhering to the quality and workmanship that built this manufacturing base so many times in the past.

We are intentionally small and we intend to stay small. We aren't about growth, we are about quality. Quality of product and quality of life. Small is adaptive and small means lower costs. Lower costs done right means more value for the buyer. To that end we think of ourselves as patriots in the spirit of what made the country and the world great before the greedy, corrupt and selfish took more than their share of the pie.

We think it's time to make pies again. That's us... and hopefully that's everyone else, as well.

Welcome to Rudy's Products.

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