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Rudy's Products offers a 2 year Materials and Workmanship Warranty on everyting we make.

During the warranty period, we accept returned materials for analysis and repair or replacement at our option. If the original product is unrepairable, but is no longer available for some reason, Rudy's will offer the option of an alternate product replacement or refund of the original purchase price, less shipping costs.

Warranty coverage for Rudy's Products excludes all physical, electrical, chemical, user modification or installation damage for the obvious reason that this type of damage does not come under a reasonable definition of defective materials or workmanship of the product.

Rudy's will pay for shipping one-way, by means of our choice, unless the product was deemed manufacturing defective upon delivery. We may, at our option, decide to cover shipping both ways after we have communicated with our customer about the problem and it's cause, provided contact about the problem is made with us within 10 days of receipt of the product.

Under special circumstances, we reserve the right to extend warranty for a specific item which is beyond the warranty period after the defective item has been received by us and we have analyzed the item and determined the cause and outcome. All product resolutions within the warranty period and beyond, are at the exclusive remedy of Rudy's Products support team.

To return ANY Rudy's product for ANY reason, you MUST submit an RMA request and receive an RMA number from us. Once issued by us, this must be visibly placed on the shipping label or package, or the package will be rejected by our Receiving Dept., upon arrival, and if recieved by accident, may be lost due to the non-trackability of the package.

Below is a bulleted list of acceptable RMA reasons:

  • Product was defective in Materials or Workmanship within the Warranty period.
  • Product was defective upon receipt, excluding shipping damage
  • Product sent did not match purchase order or invoice
  • Rudy's staff requested that a product be returned.

If you have an RMA question or want to discss a product you have concerns about, please feel free to contact us, below. We generally respond quickly... typically the same day. If there is an unusual delay in getting back to you, please be patient. If you receieved an automatic response to your request, then we recieved it too.

Thank you
Rudy's Support Team

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