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Rudys GL1500 Trunk Lid Reinforcement Kit

$49.95 + S&H

Designed especially to help provide Honda GL1500 trunk lid and rack reinforcement support!

These are heavy, large 1/4" thick plates that have been pre-formed to fit the interior of your GL1500 trunk lid for quick and easy installation. The plates have pre-applied 3M VHB super strength adhesive strips already attached and ready to go.

Just clean the contact area with alcohol, mark the outline, apply the adhesion promoter and apply the plates. Drill or re-drill your rack holes and ride on!

Great for crack prevention or already cracked lids caused by luggage rack flexing on lid top surfaces.

Each kit contains two approx 12" x 4" x 1/4" thick plates, full color instructions and two 3M adhesion promoter packets.

These plates restrict over-flexing of the original ABS plastics which can cause cracking over time.


Each pre-formed plate comes pre-applied with approx 30 square inches of 3M Very High Bond (VHB) adhesive strips which are specified by 3M as having 140 lb. / sq. in. tensile strength that is rated from -40 F to 200 F. This industrial VHB adhesive is used to permanently attach panels to the exteriors of airplane wings!

These plates install very easily and quickly. You don't need to remove the lid to install them and they are designed to not interfere with the vanity mirror mounts on the SE editions of the Honda Goldwings. You don't need any glue, sandpaper or steel wool. You don't even need a screwdriver! Just some alcohol, a clean cloth and a soft lead pencil or masking or painter's tape for accurate placement.

Don't wait for the enevitable spider cracks to appear before installing these.

We offer unlimited email technical and installation support for life of the product. 2 Full Year Materials and Workmanship warranty. Engineered to the Highest Quality Parts and Design - Engineered and Made in the USA exclusively for motorcycles.

Note: International shipments are shipped once per week due to Postal required package processes on International items.

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