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Rudys SecondBase Kit for any flat ABS Panels & Lids

$18.95 + S&H

This kit is designed to mount to any flat surfaced, ABS plastic panel and to tie that panel to the frame of your motorcycle. It contains a high strength double-latch plastic buckle so that you can remove and reconnect your attached panels at will.

It has 140 lb / sq. in.  tensile strength 3M adhesive to interface to your panel, a stainless steel rod to attach to the strapping and 1000 lb rated tensile strength webbing to connect everything together. The heavy stitching is reinforced and is sealed with thread locker. If you prepare your surface and mount the base per the instructions provided, you will never see this thing let go. Ever!   It not only stays out of the way, but the buckle allows it to be easily detached and re-attached as often as you want.

It is easy to install and solves a big problem, permanently, so you can ride without concern about it ever again. You don't have to make any holes and no stress is placed on any of the existing hardware or other points. When the easy, full color instructions are followed, the connection is so strong, the original pieces would likely break before the connection was broken. It will not conduct electricity and is resistant to most chemicals including some acids.

It mounts to the inside of any panel with a flat or nearly flat 2" by 3" available surface. It is invisible when the panel is on. It will not deform the outer panel surface at all like some liquid solvent type adhesives can do. It won't warp, crack or dissolve your panels, but it won't let go, either.

This kit was originally designed to provide a second base attachment point for the Honda Goldwing GL1500 side panels so that they don't drop down when hanging by a single strap. It has also been found to be the ideal kit for the Honda Goldwing GL1000, GL1100 and the GL1200 side panels. It will work on any bike with an appropriate mounting surface.

Although this particular kit is designed for the Honda Goldwings, it is also suitable for restraining any motorcycle ABS medium to large panels with a flat 2" x 3" ABS surface on it anyplace!   We also have other kits and bases which should fit your application.   Please contact us before buying if you have a specific need and we will try to accommodate you.

This kit is easy to install, low cost, no holes, no epoxy, no noise, no electrical shorting, super high strength, releasable tether system that anyone can apply in about 10 minutes per strap with some 600 grit sandpaper, some steel wool and masking tape to prep the panel with, then this kit is for you. This isn't rocket science here (well maybe the adhesive is) but every facet of the problem has been worked out for you in every detail. Including an easy to apply high strength, stainless reinforced base plate that uses high tensile strength adhesive that is rated from -40 F to 200 F. This industrial VHB (very high bond) adhesive is used to permanently attach scuff plates to the exteriors of airplane wings!

As usual, we offer unlimited email technical and installation support for life of the product. 2 Full Year Materials and Workmanship warranty. Engineered to the Highest Quality Parts and Design - Engineered and Made in the USA exclusively for motorcycles.

Makes an excellent and easy add-on or gift. Great for motorcycle club meeting door prizes as well.

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