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Rudys FenderKeeper Panel Restraint Kit GL1500 Goldwing

$16.95 + S&H

Suitable for restraining many motorcycle smaller panels!

Remember those front fender covers that snap into a rubber grommet MOST OF THE TIME? Well.. when they don't hold and fly away on you, you are out big bucks to repair or replace them when they get lost or that truck runs over them while you are turning around to go back and pick them up off of the highway?

Not a pretty sight. It has happened to a lot of people who know all about it.

Instead of groaning about it after the fact, start grinning about it!

Introducing Rudy's Fender Cover Restraint Kit known as FenderKeeper!

It solves all of the known problems with fender cover loss.

If you want an easy, low cost, no holes, no epoxy, no noise, no electrical shorting, super high strength, releasable, tether system that anyone can apply in 3 minutes, then this kit is for you. This isn't rocket science here, every facet of the problem has been worked out for you in every detail. Including an easy to apply high strength clip that uses 140 lb tensile strength adhesive that is rated from -40 F to 200 F. This industrial VHB adhesive is used to permanently attach panels to the exteriors of airplane wings!

All you need is some fine steel wool and a little soap and water to prepare the inside of the cover for the permanent adhesive base.

Think of it as cheap insurance for an expensive problem.

As usual, we offer Unlimited email Technical and Installation Support for life of the product. 2 Full Year Materials and Workmanship warranty. Engineered to the Highest Quality Parts and Design - Engineered and Made in the USA exclusively for motorcycles.

Makes an excellent and easy add-on or gift.

Note: International shipments are shipped once per week due to Postal required package processes on International items.

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