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Rudys DoorKeeper Kit for flat ABS Panels, Lids & Cubby Doors

$13.95 + S&H

This kit is designed to mount to any two, flat surfaced, ABS plastic panels or doors.  It does not include detaching buckles.

It contains a high strength adhesive so that you can permanently tether any two ABS items to each other.

On the Goldwing GL1500, this would be the two doors on either side of the co-rider, under the rear speakers that often break off at the hinges and get lost.

This won't prevent the breaking hinges (talk to Honda about that) but it will prevent you losing the doors when they do. Also this can limit the amount the doors can swing open without putting stress on the hinges, depending on where you decide to place the mount bases.

This kit will do both doors with a single tether per side.

The mounting adhesive has 140 lb / sq. in. tensile strength adhesive to interface to your panel and 1000 lb rated tensile strength webbing to connect everything together. The heavy webbing is retained by nickle plated steel clamp bands which give it super strength.
If you prepare your surface and mount the base per the instructions provided, you will never see the bases let go. Ever!

It is easy to install and solves a big problem, permanently so you can ride without concern about it ever again. You don't have to make any holes and no stress is placed on any of the existing hardware or other points. When the easy instructions are followed, the connection is strong and is resistant to most chemicals including some acids.

It mounts to the inside of any panel with a flat or nearly flat 1.5" by 1.5" available surface. It is invisible when the panel is on. It will not deform the outer panel surface at all like some liquid solvent type adhesives can do. It won't warp, crack or dissolve your panels, but it won't let go, either.

It will work on any bike with an appropriate mounting surface.

This kit comes completely assembled and is ready to be permanently attached to ABS parts which have been cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

We also have other kits and bases which should fit your application. Please contact us before buying if you have a specific need and we will try accommodate you.

The price for this kit, which includes two straps and four bases, is only $9.95 + $3 shipping to the lower 48 via USPS.
International shipping runs $14 flat rate. Canadian buyers will be reimbursed $9 in their Paypal accounts for the lower Canadian shipping cost. I will combine shipments where possible to save shipping expense so feel free to get more than one.

Think of it as cheap insurance to resolve an aggravating problem.

As usual, we offer unlimited email technical and installation support for life of the product.
2 Full Year Materials and Workmanship warranty.
Engineered to the Highest Quality Parts and Design - Engineered and Made in the USA exclusively for motorcycles.

Makes an excellent and easy add-on or gift. Great for motorcycle club meeting door prizes as well.

Note: International shipments are shipped once per week due to Postal required package processes on International items.

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